Monday, August 29, 2011

Update: The Summer List

Remember the summer list?

We've been busy having fun and checking things off over the past three months.  It looks something like this now:

 I've loved having this list.  It has really helped us be more intentional and focused with how we spend our time.

I also get great satisfaction from checking things off.  I stand in my air-conditioned house and stare at our progress daily.  (I felt like my air conditioner needed some public praise because I could not live without it in the oppressive 90 million degree weather.)

Here are some pictures showcasing our summer fun...

We played at the Woodlands Splash Pad with our sweet friend, Maya (not pictured).

We made homemade apple pie and celebrated Andy's 32nd birthday on July 4th.  

Bella took swimming lessons for the first time.  She went from crying the first day, to diving at the end.  We were so proud!

We spent a weekend in Galveston and took Hayes to the beach for the first time. 

Mimi came with us to Galveston and treated us to an adventurous lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe.  (Bonus!  This wasn't even on the list!)

We've had many family movie nights, and even got fancy by making homemade pizza to enjoy one evening.

We toned our arms by squeezing and squeezing and squeezing lemons for refreshing lemonade.

There are some things not pictured and there are some things we haven't done.  I am giving the list until after Labor Day weekend.  It's my list and I can make the rules.

But the perfectionist in me is hoping to get really close to completing it.  

We sure know how to squeeze lemons, so I think we can squeeze in more memories too.

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