Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Day in the Life...

I’ve seen several blogs recently that have “A Day in the Life” themed posts.  So, I felt inspired. I know I haven’t written in a long time.  When you read below you will see that I am usually too busy eating bons bons and watching my soaps to get around to it.  

I kid.

So, here’s my day.  Now, this isn’t necessarily a typical day, because Hayes only goes to Mother’s Day Out on Tuesdays and when he’s home, that changes things.

Anyway, here’s today:

7:20:  My alarm goes off.  Andy is in the room getting dressed, and I tell him to give me five more minutes before he sends Bella in to get her hair fixed.  I put a pillow over my head and go back to sleep.  (Bella was already getting dressed at this time.  I lay her clothes out the night before and Andy wakes her up, because I am not a morning person and he is a saint.)

7:30-Bella comes in to get her hair done.  I do a decent job, while wearing my bathrobe and rubbing my eyes.

8:00-I kiss Andy and Bella bye.  I then pour myself a cup of coffee, which Andy made (SAINT) and sit on the couch to drink it by myself in the blessed quiet for 10 minutes while I check my email, Facebook, and blogs on my phone.

8:20-I realize I’m behind, go make my bed and jump in the shower.

8:40-First, yes, I spent 20 minutes in the shower.  I wash my hair and shave my legs every day.  I may be a stay-at-home mom, but I have high personal hygiene standards.  After I’m done, I go get Hayes up and get him dressed.  (He totally sleeps to this time naturally.  And PRAISE THE LORD for that.  He spent 10 months of his early life never sleeping through the night, so I feel no guilt about the extra time now.  It’s well deserved.)

I go downstairs and make Hayes a gourmet Eggo waffle and turn on cartoons.  This gives me time to finish getting ready-makeup, hair, and clothes.

9:34-I drop Hayes off at Mother’s Day Out, 4 minutes late.  Awesome.  But, he’s happy and I am too. I spend a couple of minutes in the parking lot replying to the 4 texts I have already received that morning. I jam out to the newest Dave Matthews Band cd and eat my granola bar in the car.

9:50-I arrive at Walmart to buy Andy some picture frames for his office.  I also get supplies for tomorrow’s first Daisy Girl Scout Meeting, where I am the new troop leader.  I also buy myself a fall candle and some candy corn.  Those were not purchased with Girl Scout funds, don’t worry.  I then run home to drop stuff off, start the dishwasher, feed the dog, and turn off the TV, which I forgot to do earlier.

10:50-I arrive at the Girl Scout store to get a vest and patches for Bella and a friend in her troop.  I spend 15 minutes debating between the two sizes, 4-6x or 7-12.  How can they span the sizes of 4 to 12 in two vests?   I decide and buy and hope I don’t have to return anything.

11:25-I get back on the Beltway to pay money to drive in the opposite direction to Andy’s office.  I arrive and help him get things looking great.  (They recently repainted the room.)  We hang the curtain rod, arrange the picture frames with photos of the world’s cutest children and then attempt to hang his large, really nice, framed and matted map on the wall.  I get all excited to use a trick I saw on Pinterest for hanging large things that have two hanger thingies on the back. As I’m using large paper to trace the hanger thingies on the back, I MAYBE lean a little too hard on the picture and hear a funny sound. 

I broke the large piece of glass.

I cry.

12:30-I apologize 83 times to my husband and we try to decide if we should go to lunch or if I should go home and beat myself up some more.  We decide on lunch.  We eat at a mom and pop Chinese food place that was delicious and where our whole meal cost $12.  Score.

1:45-I leave the other side of Houston and head back to my area.  I go straight to school to get Hayes.

2:28-I pick Hayes up, two minutes early.  I chat with my friend, whose little girl is in the same class.  I then get in the car and read the note in his folder, that says something about picture retake day.  WHAT?!?!?  (Hayes only goes on Tuesdays.  Picture day was on a Thursday.)  I feel defeated and sad because I didn’t know the redo  picture day was today, and I sent him to school in a white t-shirt with a shark on it. And we all know how white shirts with pictures of blood thirsty animals turn out.  I call the director to verify that I missed the day.  I did.  She said that a teacher takes the pictures and we can do it Tuesday.  I feel happy, but also like that mom that asks for special things.  Lame.

2:45-We arrive at CVS to return a late Redbox movie (in the rain) and go inside to get pictures I’ve had printed.  Hayes want TicTacs.  I say no.  Crying and a fit follow.  People look at me, but I handle it and make it out.  Mama-1, Hayes-0.

3:15-We pick Bella up from school (in the rain). She has ripped a hole in her leggings.  Awesome. She had a good day and went to music class. 

3:35-We get home, where I go through the mail, school folders, and unpack lunch boxes.  I then put Hayes down for a nap.  He did not sleep at school, and this Mama can’t handle going all evening with a toddler who hasn’t napped.

4:00-I have Bella try on the Daisy vest.  It fits.  I take pictures with my phone to send to grandparents, because she looks adorable.  I then turn the TV on for Bella.  Good parenting. I go to the office to check email and work on getting Girl Scout stuff together for tomorrow.  I call my mom and talk to her while I work. 

6:00- I get Hayes up.  (Yes, I know that’s late, but it works for us.  He will still go to bed still at 8:30/9ish.) We start Bella’s homework, and I give Hayes some pipe cleaners and colander and he puts the cleaners through the holes (stole that from a friend on Facebook) while Bella works.  My kids fight over doing the colander.  We talk about taking turns and loving others more than ourselves.  I have redeemed myself from the TV parenting earlier.

6:30-I vacuum, because Hayes has dumped the circles from the hole punch I was using on to the carpet.  We are also getting our carpets cleaned tomorrow, and everyone knows you need to clean before the cleaning people come. I am also a freak who feels the NEED to vacuum a lot.  I feel passionately about that and shaved legs.  I cannot even explain it to myself.

6:45-I realize I need to make dinner.  Andy has a Board Meeting at work, so he won’t be here.  I wimp out and give Hayes leftover taco meat and tortilla and make chicken noodle soup for Bella and myself.  We eat, with the TV off, and have nice conversation.  All is well until my children notice the candy corn I bought earlier.  They eat 5 each, and then complain.  I put the candy dish in a high place.

7:20-I unload and reload the dishwasher.  Then I wipe the counters and table.  Bella carries toys upstairs from the front room (our formal living room, which is full of toys).  I then clear stuff off of the carpet too for the carpet people and realize how much bigger my house looks without all of my junk.

7:45-I pack Bella’s lunch for tomorrow. Again, not a morning person…I always do it at night.

8:10-We head upstairs, carrying more toys, for bath time. The kids play while I get out their pj’s and pick out clothes for tomorrow. 

8:25-I bathe the kids, help them brush their teeth, and put on pajamas.  I (maybe) threaten that I need people to listen the first time because Mama is losing her patience. 

8:35-I read books, pray, and sing with Hayes.  I repeat with Bella.  Everyone is in bed.  Whew.

9:00-I work on more Girl Scout stuff, because this volunteer thing is hard work.  I also get more stuff off of the carpet.

9:20-I send another email with permission slips attached to parents in the troop.  Someone forgot to attach them the first time.  That person needs to get it together.

9:30-Andy gets home.  I talk with him.  I make him a sandwich. 

10:00-I help Andy move his music stuff off of the carpet.  WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF ON THE FLOOR?!?!  I use the broom to get debris off the carpet that my dog has dragged in, because she likes to make sure I do jobs twice.

10:30-I talk to my brother-in-law, who has called to discuss the debate.  I explain that I didn’t watch, because I was schooling, feeding, bathing, and rocking my kids.  We debate whether I should have parented or “been a good American”.  I am just doing my job, people. 

11:00- I gather everything up for Girl Scouts tomorrow.  I update my calendar for the week.  I love having stuff written down, just so I can check it off. 

I then hang out (and type this) until I’m ready to go to bed. 

Now I’m ready for another day, one where I can leave everything on my carpet. 

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