Monday, August 1, 2011

A Good (Hair) Day!

Today was a big day for my kids.  It was haircut day.  The FIRST haircut day for BOTH kids.

Yes, you are thinking correctly.  For both? It is kind of odd, since they are three and a half years apart.  But you are forgetting one important detail...

Someone was very, very bald for a very, very long time.

This brought me so much happiness too.  The more bald the head, the more you notice the big bow.

Oh, that girl is precious.  And now she is big, and no longer bald.  It makes my heart hurt a little.

Now...back to haircut day.  Hayes had really been needing a haircut., maybe?  The ends of her hair were a bit dead and would tangle easily.  (I tried to type tangly there, but apparently that is not a word.  Who knew?)

Well, I didn't want to leave Big Sister, who has been begging to get her hair trimmed, out, so we decided to throw caution (and $13.95) to the wind and get haircuts together. 

 Bella went first.  While she looked very serious in this shot, she smiled throughout almost all of the process.  She was really excited.  It was fun to watch.

Hayes went next, and he was just excited about the sucker. 

He was a little too squirmy to have scissors next to his head, so I ended up holding him during his trim. 

Bella (at age 4 years and 10 months) before:


Hayes (at age 16 months) before:


Haircuts are just an ordinary part of life, but today was special.  Seeing something happen for the first time is such a treat and is one of my favorite parts of parenting.  Especially when it took almost five years for it to happen!

Maybe now I can finish that last page her baby book.

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