Thursday, September 1, 2011

"What's on my phone?" Wednesday-Thursday Edition

I'm a day late. 

Punctuality has never been a strength of mine.  Ask anyone that knows me.  I love "fashionably late".

Here's what is on Iris the iPhone this week:

(Yes, all of our Apple products have been named with "I" names for when we hook them up to our iTunes.  I find it to be interesting and intelligent on our part.)

Bella and I went to the dentist for check ups.  This was only her second time, and she was a little hesitant.  Once they brought out Allie the Alligator and Bella was able to brush her teeth, she became a fan of the dentist. 

As for me, I'm not a big fan.  I don't have a fear or anything, it's just every time I go I have something else that is wrong and is going to involve pain and money.  If only I had Allie's teeth...

The kids were all smiles after swimming at Uncle Matt's.  Bella's hair post-pool = Oh my.

My rocket man...

I bought a certain little girl this tunic to match these funky green leggings she had.  I got it for TOTALLY FREE!  (Thank you Kohl's $10 off $10 or more coupon.)   I walked out of the store without even handing over a penny.  How often does that happen?  I took this pic to send to my mom, because she had purchased the leggings for Bella (and I wanted to brag about my deal).

Even worse than last week...Fall, where are you?

Our four-legged family member, Beatrice.  She is not allowed on the couch, but she was looking so sweet that I put a blanket down and let her watch some TV with me.

And last but not least, my baby girl started preschool (two days a week).  She is SO excited!  I am so excited that she already loves school.  And this picture will go great next to her Valedictorian cap and gown picture at her graduation party in 14 years.

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