Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Heat is On!

Summer is here.   How do I know?  It’s  97 degrees y’all.  I get sweaty walking to my mailbox.  Welcome summer, welcome.

I do love the start of every new season.  There are things I love about every season, things that just belong to that short time.  It feels new…special…every year.

Unfortunately, these seasons can really pass too quickly.  Time is funny like that.  Now that I stay at home, there are some days that seem so long, so similar.  Days filled with making beds, doing laundry, pretend play, and wiping off the highchair over and over.  Before I know it, weeks will have passed and those “special” things I meant to do are not done.

Enter my number one weapon…a list.

I made a summer to do list.  It’s filled with big and little things that I want to do for myself and my family this (super hot) season.  We all brainstormed and came up with tons of ideas.  They are listed in no particular order:

This idea is not unique.  I saw it on someone’s (can’t remember whose) blog last year.  An idea doesn’t have to be unique to be good.

I can’t wait to cross things off!

And since another season is here, I also cleaned out my closet today.  Here are my observations:

1.  Gap, Inc. should thank me.  I have single-handedly kept them in business.  At least they could send me a free gift card.  (Hint, hint.)
2.  I have an obsession with black shirts. One can never have too many.

I also went shopping today.  It was remarkable for two reasons.  First, I went ALONE.  Thank you to my fantastic husband who stayed home with the kids. Second, I went shopping for something crazy…SHORTS.

Yes, shorts, my friends.

You should know that I have been really against shorts for several years.  Why?  Well, have you looked around?  90% of the population doesn’t look good in them.  Really.  It’s scary.  I don’t want to be one of those people. 

(Feel free to disagree with that statistic.  But you should know that it was based on a very scientific study called "My Opinion".)

 Why the change of heart about shorts?  See the top paragraph.  It’s 97 degrees.  In May. 

My shopping was good and bad.  The dress and three shirts (one black) I got on sale (all purchased with a gift card=FREE to me!) were great.  But the shorts search…ugh.

90% of the shorts in stores have a 3 inch or less inseam.  And remember, that looks bad on 90% of the population.  Count me in that population.

Where is the store for the “I’m a 30 year old mom who has to bend down to pick up her kids, yet I don’t want to look like a dorky mom” store?

Yes, I know Banana Republic would qualify.  Problem is I am still waiting for my kids to pay me six figures a year to take care of them.   I think I’ll be waiting awhile…

I did buy one pair.  I am taking them back.  When I got home and walked in them, they bunched funny in the front.  I didn’t walk in the dressing room.  Who knew walking would be important?

I guess I’ll add “finding fashionable, affordable, and age/lifestyle appropriate shorts” to that summer list. 

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