Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soak 'em and Sic 'em!

This past weekend we went to Homecoming at Baylor University.  For those of you who don't know, I graduated from Baylor in 2003.  Andy graduated from Truett Seminary at BU in 2005.  My brother, sister-in-law, Andy's brother, cousin, and uncle all went to Baylor too.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out where I am going with this...we love Baylor.

Did you know Baylor has the biggest collegiate Homecoming celebration in the nation?  Impressive.  (I think Baylor should give me something for all this promotion I am doing on here.  Full scholarships for the kids in 14 and 17 years and we'll call it even.)

We arrived in Waco on Friday evening and met the Webbs for dinner.  We ate at Cotton Patch Cafe.  It was our goal to eat at places that we don't have in Houston.   It was also my goal to consume a day's worth of calories in every meal.  I ate chicken fried steak.  Mission accomplished.

We then went back to the Webb's house to stay the night.  This was our first time to see their new house, and it did not disappoint.  I plan to steal many of Carly's decorating ideas.  Bella and Lucy were extremely excited to be spending the night together. 

We woke up bright and early to enjoy the parade.  My parents, brother, and sister-in-law met us there.

We also walked through campus, saw the bears, and braved the bookstore.  We did get a signed copy of the new children's book, B is for Baylor, which is awesome.  I am getting it into their heads early.  Remember, we have those scholarships coming.

After a quick lunch at Bush's Chicken (Fried chicken and sweet tea-calorie goal met yet again.) we went to the game.  Oh the game.  Prepare yourselves.  It was an adventure.

Right as we arrived there was a delay of game due to lightning.  We hung out under the stadium, but it was crowded and stuffy.  We decided to sit down, because it was only sprinkling.  Many people were sitting and waiting too. Here we are, happy and ready for some football:

Fast-forward to dark skies and them announcing warnings to get under the stadium and take cover.  I don't want to shock you with this, but all of the people that can fit into the stands of a stadium CANNOT fit underneath one.  The exits were jammed.  You could feel the frenzy in the air.  I had two small children and had no desire to get stuck in the middle of a panicked, stampeding crowd.  So instead, we got this:

We were SOAKED!  It was like we jumped in a pool.  When the rain came, it came in buckets.  Cold buckets.  My dad took Hayes and people let him through because he had a baby.  The rest of us were not so lucky.  We ended up jumping over the railing and onto the football field so we could run up the alley where the band normally enters.  We then hovered against the side of the stadium in an effort to escape the rain.   You can see from the pictures how successful that was.

Despite being soggy from head to toe, we stayed for the game.  And I am so glad we did because:

The Baylor Bears are bowl bound!!!  We are currently number one in the Big 12 South.  We are ranked 25 in the BCS.  Wait...is that ahead of UT, A&M, and Tech?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Thank you for asking.

The Baylor spirit is alive and well.  We are proud and will cheer the Bears on through the rest of the season.  Soak 'em!  Sic 'em!

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