Thursday, October 7, 2010

My First Post (complete with a list)

So, um, I have a blog. 

I am an avid blog reader.  I have my favorites and I read them daily.  It's like checking Facebook or shaving my legs...the day just doesn't seem quite right if I don't do it.  So, after feeding my children and getting coffee (more on that later) I sit and read my blogs.  Someone recently asked me if I check the news too.  Nope.  Blogs are good enough for me.

After seeing this,  Andy told me I should jump in and start my own blog.  I briefly considered.  Then other people started saying the same thing.  Then something inside of me really wanted to give it a try. I do this, though, with reservation.  I feel like I should express these thoughts so we all start on the same page (oh, no pun intended) and so expectations aren't too high. 

My reservations/thoughts about blogging in the form of a beautiful list:

1.  Blogs are public.  Very public.  It can kinda be scary to put yourself out there.  I have noticed that as people get farther away from face-to-face conversation (emailing, texting, blogging) they get brave (read: CARELESS) with what they say.  I do not want to be careless.   I do not want to put more out there than I should.  Note to self:  think first, blog second.

2.  Technology and I are not friends.  I have a college degree and can barely make a power point presentation.  Seriously. 

3.  The name.  Oh, the name.  This was harder than naming my children.  Ridiculous, right?  I wanted something clever, somewhat unique, easy to remember, personal, but not too personal (see #1).  I was alone with my brain, pen, and piece of paper and I went to work brainstorming.  Something with my name?  Alliteration?  Something "mommy"?  I came up with a few decent ones.  One was really cute, but was taken.  Great, another problem.  I needed the perfect name that wasn't already taken by someone else.  This list-making/thinking session went on for quite some time.  If you know me (and chances are you do if you are reading this first post) you will know that I have a hard time letting things go.  Others may call it obsession; I call it passion.  I needed a blog name and I was not giving up until I had one.  Finally, at 2 a.m., I was just tired.  If there is anything I like more than completing a task, it's sleeping.  So, I told myself I could think more tomorrow morning, but only after my coffee.  Wait, wait...that was it.  I loved it.  My blog, complete with name, was born.

4.  I must have something to write about.  Kind of a biggie.  I think I do.  I want to write about important things-faith, family, things I've learned.  I also will include things that aren't so important, because great deals at Target deserve their time in the limelight too.  And of course, I will have tons of pictures and stories about two certain adorable children.

I have a blog.  Come back and read.  Comment.  Enjoy.  I will write more for you...just not before my coffee. 

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  1. you are so funny. i loved it before i even read it! and love it more it now. can't wait to see what else you write and hopefully you'll keep up with yours more than i do!