Monday, October 11, 2010

I love friends and pie (not necessarily in that order)

I ate this Saturday.

And this.


And this.


Be jealous.  

If you have not been to Royers Round Top Café, you are missing out.  It’s in Round Top, TX.  Huh?  Where?  Exactly.  Small towns have the best stuff.  Nice people, outstanding food, and no traffic.

We went to Royers after a great day with Cory and Carly, our dear friends from Waco.  I love those people.  I love friendships that last even after you move away.  I love friends that are there in both the good times and when you feel like your world is crashing in.  I love friendships that persevere as you go from a party of four to a party of eight.  (Yes, we know what causes that.)  

Saturday we took our party of eight on our Fourth Annual Pumpkin Patch Adventure.  We met in the La Grange/Round Top area for a fun fall day in the country.  We started at The Jersey Barnyard.   The kids saw farm animals, fed them feed and milk bottles, and ran around in the fresh air.  I would like to note that I didn’t slap a single mosquito while there.  This supports my theory that 99% of the mosquito population lives in Houston.

I digress.

We also dressed the kids up in their costumes and took pictures in the pumpkin patch.   That’s four kids, age four and under.  We are gluttons for punishment. 

It was worth it.  Look how cute they are!  

It was a day to make memories.  I am thankful for days like this, and thankful for friends to share them with.  The pie was an added bonus.  

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  1. I love this one!!! How fun!! I'm really, really jealous. I want to eat pie and hang out with your friends, too. It all looks so fun and makes me miss home. One day, I'll get back there, if it kills me.

    I love and miss you, as always!