Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why is this so hard?

Christmas cards are a big deal to me.  A big deal.  I love getting them.  I love sending them. I spend hours (Do not judge me.) planning this out every year.

It all starts with getting a good picture.  Y’all.  This is difficult.  Photographers, I have so much more respect for you now that I have two children.  Sit up straight!  Look at the camera!  Smile!  Mommy needs some eggnog just to recover.

Then after all of this outfit picking and yelling encouraging, no one EVER looks good in the same picture.  Ever.  

See what I mean?   

This year we had some professional pictures made, so I think I will use one of those.  The pressure has been lifted.

Then to make it even BETTER, Shutterfly is offering 50 free cards to bloggers.  That’s right.  FREE.  And to top it all off, I love Shutterfly.  I have ordered gifts and prints from them before and the quality is great.  I also love that their website is so easy to use and gives you so many design choices.  I like easy and I like choices. 

I mean, look at these designs!  I like this one:

And this one:

And this one too:
You had me at the monogram, Shutterfly.  You had me at the monogram.

If you have a blog, you should totally take advantage of this deal.  Sign up here:

I cannot wait to pick my final design and send them out!  There are so many good choices. 

Maybe this won’t be so hard after all. 


  1. Love it and SOOOOOOOOOOO thankful you posted this now. I'm going to be ordering my cards today or tomorrow and was only going to get 50. Now they're FREE!! Love it!!

  2. Yes thank you so much!!! I was looking at Shutterfly Christmas cards yesterday so this is perfect! And I am 100% with you on the ridiculousness it is to take pictures of multiple children! 3 is a humdinger!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!