Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa's not the only one with a list.

I have lists too.  That's right-lists, PLURAL.  I have Santa beat.

Lists keep me organized.  I feel better with them. I also forget things without them.  When I tried to pack for a trip to Colorado for my cousin's wedding without a list, it was a disaster.  I got through security at the airport with Hayes and then suddenly realized that I had forgotten the car seat base and pumped breast milk.  I cried.  No more packing without a list.

Here is my recent list that helped me pack the kids and myself for our trip to Corpus Christi for Thanksgiving.


I didn't forget a thing.  And, I get sweet satisfaction from crossing things off a list.  Sweet satisfaction, y'all. 

I remembered everything for our Thanksgiving trip and the week was wonderful.  The kids were great in the car.  We were able to see lots of family, eat good food, get family pictures made, and eat more good food.
  Bella helped Mimi in the kitchen.  Mimi (Andy's mom) is a great cook.  She did most of the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. We are so grateful!

 Hayes enjoyed baby food for Thanksgiving. Next year will be better, baby boy. 

The beautiful table.  We had our Thanksgiving at our parent's church because we needed more space.  We had lots of people and it was wonderful!
 Before dinner, PawPaw, Hayes, and Uncle Scott played the piano.  I LOVE that we have holidays together with both sides of our family. 
Bella enjoyed her meal.  Note the turkey shirt.  We dress in theme, people. 

As you can see, it was a great holiday.  Now this week I have been recovering-unpacking, laundry, etc.

I had a plan for that too.  Don't worry. 

I use the weekly calendar to keep myself organized. (I bought it at Hobby Lobby.  Reason #438 why I love that store. ) On this weekly list was Christmas decorating.  Pictures of the beautiful decor coming soon!

Now I am off because the timer is ringing for my pork chops.  Don't worry, those were on a list too.

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