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Party likes it's your birthday!

 I'm linking up at Kelly's Korner for "Show Us Your Life-Kid's Birthdays"!  (PS-I am publishing this on my blog a day early and will link up tomorrow when Kelly puts it up.  I am a new blogger and am terrified to just save it or set a time for it to post.  I worked for an hour on this and I am not losing it.  Technology scares me.)

I love birthdays!  One of the things I have loved the most about being a mom is getting to plan birthday parties for my kids.  I really start thinking about their parties about 9 months ahead of time.  Yes, seriously.  What can I say, it takes time to plan a good time.

The party theme is very important to me.  We have had all birthdays at our house, so I feel like I can't rely on the atmosphere of a place.  It's up to me to make it fun!  I also want a theme that reflects the child. Once I think of such a theme, I am really inspired.  Then I start to look around for decorations, favors, food ideas, etc.  By thinking about it so far in advance, I don't feel pressured or rushed.  It also helps to spend a little bit of money at a time, instead of all at once. 

I also spend a lot of time getting scrapbooks ready and making a photo cd to play on the tv.  You won't see pictures of those things below, but I just wanted to mention that.  I really want the party to celebrate them. I want them to look back and know how very loved they were/are!

What you will see below are several parties and lots of pictures.  I couldn't just pick one!  So, go to the bathroom and get a snack before you start reading. 

You've been warned...

Bella's First Birthday

I wanted a theme other than the traditional "You're 1" pink, girly theme.  Bella's  birthday is in September, so I decided to do an apple theme! 

I had this apple dress made just for the party. 

Guests wrote special messages for her.  I have these in her baby book now.

Little guests (we had just a few and they were very young) could do apple coloring, stickers, or make Apple Jack necklaces.


My delicate girl, diving right into her cake!

Bella's 2nd Birthday 
This is probably my favorite theme ever!  Since she was turning two, we had a tutu party!
I make sign-in sheets for every party.  Then I put it into her birthday scrapbook.  It's a great way to remember who helped you celebrate the special day!

I also do photo timelines at every party.  I love to see how much she's grown!  I want the party to truly be a celebration of her!  I bought a whole bunch of black 5x7 frames and keep them to use every year.  Very easy, and the cutest decoration, if I do say so myself.

Bella and her guests wore tutus!  They all looked adorable!

Reagan was our littlest ballerina.  Sweet baby girl!

Oh my, I feel like this post is getting long and photo heavy.  I told you I love birthdays...I have the photo documentation to prove it.  Keep reading!  We're halfway done.

Bella's 3rd Birthday

At age 3, Mama no longer got to decide on the theme. She wanted an Ariel Little Mermaid party, and that was that.  Now I kinda hate the idea of character stuff at times, but she loved it so much.  I also tried to make it classy and kid-friendly at the same time.

The bonus of a Disney theme, favors are easy to find!  I have always done "pick your own bigger favor" instead of a bag of trinkets that just get broken or thrown way.

Beautiful cake, custom made by JJ!

The food table with the beautiful centerpiece by Papi.  This was the "classy", in my opinion.  We also saved that stuff and decorated Bella's little Christmas tree with it.  

We had to have something for the kids to do-a bouncer!  They loved it, and it matched the theme. 

Here's what the birthday girl wore-an Ariel shirt from Etsy.  Don't mind her sweaty hair.  Bouncing and riding your new tricycle will do that to you. 

Bella's 4th Birthday

Again, Bella chose the theme and stuck with a princess...Snow White.  Snow White (by herself) stuff is hard to find!  Thank goodness for the Internet. 

I have made her invitations every year (except for the Ariel party, I was pregnant, working, and tired.)  I am so proud of these!  We met the Evil Queen at Disneyland this past summer. 

Feeling like I needed to really play up on Snow White, I had the food in-theme.  We had "True Love's Kiss" cookies, "Seven Dwarf" layer dip, and "Poison Apples" and fruit. 

We also had the kids make their own "poison apples".  Here are the supplies.  I took that photo on the Snow White ride at Disneyland and enlarged it.  We also had a bouncer for the kids at this party, but I'll spare you the picture of that. 

And again, a beautiful princess cake made by JJ.

Whew!  Thanks for sticking around!  I hope you enjoyed the long look at our birthday fun!
If you just didn't get enough, please come back next week, because Hayes' first birthday is TOMORROW!  Where did my baby boy go?
His cowboy-themed first birthday might be the best one yet, so y'all come on back!

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