Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I guess I will do it too.

 It’s the new year.  Or is it New Year?  Should that be capitalized?  I don't know.

Anyway, I didn't really think I was going to make a resolution.  Too cliche.  Too easy to break.

Then, I just started thinking about things I would like to do, things I would like to change.  Isn't it funny how a new year can do that to you?  It's just another day really, but it feels like a fresh start.

I like fresh starts.

Here is my list that I came up with.  It is in no particular order. Not all of them are amazing or unique, but I thought I would share regardless. 

10 Things for a Better 2011

1.  Use my china at least 4 times this year.
2. Try two new recipes a month.
3.  Read through the Bible in a year. 
4.   Realize that it’s ok to do nothing once in awhile.  I don’t have to fold clothes while watching a movie on TV.  I can just sit and watch TV every now and then.
5.   Do pilates again.  I have come to realize that my stomach is not going to fix itself.
6.   Send notes to people for no reason-a simple “I’m thinking of you.” makes a big difference.  I will also do this for my husband.   I used to do that all of the time.  Funny how life gets in the way.   
7.   Spend more time outside with my kids.  I am just not an outdoorsy person, but I will try, because fresh air is good.
8.  Drink more water.
9.   Not spend my gift cards on my children all of the time.
10.  Worry less.  

PS-I have no idea why it's doing this funny paragraph indenting thing or why the font is weird.  I am just leaving it.  I don't have the energy or know-how to fix it.  I will not let it drive me crazy.  Remember, I am worrying less.

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