Friday, December 31, 2010

The holidays were good to me.

Oh, they were good.

How do I know?  Two never-fail signs: 

1.  My trash can was overflowing with boxes, paper, and 5,685 plastic ties used to hold toys in boxes.  Why those toys are tied down like that I will never know.  It's a cruel trick to drive parents crazy.

2.  All the pants I own are a bit too tight.  Someone needs to get these leftover cookies out of my kitchen.  I also don't know how that entire bag of cherry cordial M&M's is almost gone.  Clearly someone in this house has self-control issues.

I thought I would share a few pictures (ok...a lot of pictures) of our holiday decor and of our smiling faces before the new year and all.  I work well under pressure.  Nothing like a huge lit-up ball dropping to make you feel like you have to accomplish some things. 

 Bella got us all in the Christmas spirit by performing a Christmas tap dance at her dance school.  Here she is doing a reindeer jump.  Notice the height on that jump.  She is a girl of many talents.

Bella and I made sugar cookies one evening.  From SCRATCH.  We used my Aunt Robin's delicious recipe.  They were delicious.  I was exhausted when we were done.

 I was so pleased with our holiday decor.  This is our second Christmas in this house and I really know how I like things to look now.

 My Christmas card collection.  I love it.

 We had MANY Christmas celebrations with family.  This was #1 on December 22 at Andy's Dad's house.  Dinner was almost too pretty to eat.
 Bella and Papi check out her puppet from Europe.
 Bella and Jason look at our picture calendar that is a Christmas tradition.
 Words cannot express how proud I feel...

 Christmas #2 was on December 23.  Grandpa, Mimi, Bella, and Hayes were ready for gifts
 Mimi and her sons and grandchildren.

 A Belle doll that sings...doesn't get much better than that. 

 Christmas #3 was on December 24.  Uncle Garry and Aunt Bitsey gave Hayes this car and he LOVES it. 
Grandaddy gets something good.
We play Skip-Bo at every holiday.  And as usual, "Team Grandaddy and Shene' " dominated.  We won all of the partners games.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 
 Bella glued the final cotton ball onto Santa's beard.  It was time for him to come!
We left cookies, milk, and a carrot for Rudolph. Bella also colored a picture for Santa. 

 Santa brought this girl a robe just like she asked for!
 Hayes loved his Santa gifts too!  Is he not adorable in those pajamas?!?
 Christmas #4-We opened gifts on Christmas morning with my parents and one of my brothers.

 Beatrice loved being in the middle of it all.  Santa brought her a bone, which she took it out in about 10 minutes.  She lives life to the fullest. 

On Christmas night, we had Christmas #5 with my other brother and sister-in-law.  We like to celebrate around here. 
My fingers are tired from opening gifts on five different occasions, so I will simply close by wishing you a Happy New Year. 

May your 2011 be filled with joy.

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  1. cute cute cute!! i know Christmas is so fun with all the littles. hayes is soooo cute in those p.j.' much does a little boy melt a mama's heart?? happy 2011 to y'all!! would love to see you!!