Friday, October 14, 2011

I know it's not Wednesday...

Ok, so here's a "What's on my Phone? Wednesday" post. 

I know it's Friday.  I am a slacker.  But I still wanted to look at what our life has been like these past two weeks, according to Iris the iPhone...

We went to a birthday party for Bella's sweet friend, Maya.  It was at Chick-fil-a.  Isn't that princess cow so fun?

Do not, I repeat, do NOT use your hand to push down the trash when you have just made taco soup and there are lots of cans in there with sharp lids.  I cut my finger and it hurt!  I really thought I might have to get stitches, but didn't.  Now I just have a scar, and a fear of the trash can. 

I caught these two playing horse farm together one morning.  I love it when they are sweet like this. 

At Whataburger, because I am teaching my children to love the finer things in life. 

Our dog, Beatrice, has been attempting to escape.  Don't let her old-lady name fool you...she's a beast.

Since it's kinda fallish outside (below 90), we've been hanging out in the yard a lot more. 

While we were out on the wagon ride above, Bea got upset that she was left at home.  That 2x4 that was screwed into the fence was no match for her. 

Our pediatrician orders standard blood work at 12 months.  Yes, Hayes is 18 months and I just now remembered to do it.  Not only am I late with this "Wednesday" post, I am late with medical lab work too.  Winning.  (He did great, by the way.  He's a brave boy.)

And last, but not least...SIC 'EM BEARS!  Beat the Aggies tomorrow.  Tell them, "(SE)C you later!"

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